Sunday, 2 May 2010

Pink and Lemon Cupcakes

A mixed selection of pink, lemon and mint green for some pretty cupcakes. Almost too good to eat....almost!

Elegant Letters

Hand cut letters with bear grass top this white 2 tier fruit cake edged with forrest green ribbons on a large pale green iced board. Simply lovely...

Modern Heart Wedding

A cascade of modern champagne, dusky plum and white hearts down a large white stacked cake.

Pink and Purple Wedding

Heart and stripes, pink and purple. Soft and gentle but loads of fun....

Purple Hearts

A simple design inspired by a wedding magazine example.

White Rose

A delicate mix of iced white and gentle mint green with some simple detailing just shows that often less is more.

Cheeky Monkey!

She is really a cute little monkey but sometimes Anna Rose must have a cheeky little side!

Finley the Fire Eingine

As you can work out Thomas loves Finley!

Down in the Jungle...

A jungle cake for a jungle themed party.

Pink Princess

A pink princess for a special princess!

We're the Wiggles!

Harrison just had to have this cake.


Andrew is a builder....could you guess!

Pretty Flowers

A pretty cake for a friend to wish her luck in her new adventure.

90th Birthday

A simple cake with strong contrast as the birthday boy is visually impaired.

Bike in bits!

A surprise for Matt who is currently rebuilding his bike!

Bike Club

A friends club was having a do and asked if I could try making their logo for a cake. They were very pleased with the result.