Sunday, 31 January 2010

Christmas Cupcakes

A fun selection of Christmas cupcakes.

Deep Purple

Some deep purple cupcakes some iced and othes topped with chocolate ganache. Inspired by small things iced and sugarbloom cupckakes.

Baby shower cupcakes

Some cute cupcakes for a baby shower.

Stars and Swirls

Stars and swirls on a lovely chocolate ganache.

Pink and green fantasy cupcakes

I had lots of fun making these.

Steam Train

Two train enthusiasts share their birthdays.

Special Vintage

A special vintage for a special birthday.

Roly Mo

If you take a look inside a book.....

Beautiful Flowers

Lots of flowers for a special birthday.

Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig has been popular.

Liverpool Football

A Liverpool football fan enjoyed this one.

Hello Kitty

I did enjoy making this one.


It just had to be a tricerotops for Ben!

Roses and Stripes

A cake inspired by a picture an unknown source.

Black Cat

A black cat for Conors first birthday.

Teatime Cupcakes

Swirly cupcakes just for tea.

Cute Car

Archie just had to have a car!

Blue Baby Shower

A favorite design in blue.

Betty Boop!

Lots of fun with this one.

The Wiggles!

A fun cake based on the wiggles.

Toadstool Birthday

A rich chocolate sponge filled with vanilla buttercream creation for a special little girls birthday. A Debbie Brown inspired cake.